Sustainable Designers at NYFW part 2
Interview with environmentally friendly label Loom Loop

Environmentally conscious brand, Loom Loop uses heritage Canton Gambiered silk from Guangzhou, China, as well as other re-purposed materials. By using the precious silk that dates back to the 15th century, designer Polly Ho is maintaining the otherwise lost heritage fabric. As not many factories produce this silk anymore, each piece from Loom Loop’s collection is unique. The Fall Winter 2016 collection that showed at NYFW featured the brand’s stunning digital prints again, but this season in much subtler and deep hues. Where last season’s iconography was humming birds, this collection used butterfly’s and bows as the base for the patterns and accessories. In true “east meets west” fashion, Loom Loop’s Fall Winter 2016 collection has an oriental element to it in its styling and colours, but still modern in its use of layering and silhouette.


“I actually want people to know its plastic bottles. I don’t feel like it needs to be hidden. I want people to know that it can be used in this way.”


Loom Loop Fall Winter 2016. Source: Timothy A. Clary. AFP.


Hi Polly, could you tell us a bit about your Fall Winter 2016 collection?


This season’s concept follows a Chinese legend called “Butterfly Lovers”, or “Liang Zhu”. We’ve also taken some larger ideas from this story besides the imagery. The fabrications have some very structured elements, paired with some very soft pieces. Which relates to the themes we see in this story.


It sounds very romantic. What drew you to this story?


I have always liked this story. When I was studying, I did a course in theatre, and wrote an essay on this legend. I just love it personally, so spoke to my partner about it.


Loom Loop Fall Winter 2016. Source: FashionManiac.


Your previous collections used leftover denim and sweaters, then reconstructed into them new garments. How has your collection been sustainable this season?


As always the whole line uses the Gambiered silk, or canton silk. It’s all natural dyed, and is a heritage fabric. Besides that, our printed materials are mostly natural. Also we have this dress, where I have used recycled bottles. In the news, I read that Hong Kong doesn’t really have a large company that recycles plastic bottles. There’s only two small companies I think that actually recycles them. So when most people throw their plastic bottles into those bins, most of it actually ends up back in the landfill. So we took the plastic bottles, and cut butterfly wings from them, then embellished them to the dresses.


Oh, is that the long black one?

It’s more obvious in the black dress, yes. But it’s also in some of the printed dresses. Two from the show actually had them. But it was embellished on top of the print design. So when you see some light reflection on the catwalk, that would be the plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are actually really interesting, because after you cut them, they curve. So we incorporated this into the collection.



Loom Loop Fall Winter 2016. Source: FashionManiac.


It looks like the butterfly wings shape too.


Yes, we drew on the bottle ourselves and cut them all ourselves. We didn’t want to use sequins or other beads because there’s no meaning to it.


“Don’t worry about too much, be independent. Make a statement.”


Did you have to do anything particular to the plastic bottles so it wouldn’t look like plastic bottles?


I actually want people to know its plastic bottles. I don’t feel like it needs to be hidden. I want people to know that it can be used in this way.


It looks great so it doesn’t matter.


Yes, exactly.


Your brand is all about east meets west. How do you keep it from looking too traditional, and instead look modern?


Our brand’s strong point is in its print, so that’s how we keep it fresh. And all the shapes have a modern silhouette. It’s our sense, we just know when it works.


Loom Loop Fall Winter 2016. Source: FashionManiac.


We know you produce all your own accessories, and this time you have some butterfly sunglasses. Is this your first time designing eyewear?


Yes, but we don’t plan to release these since it’s for the show. But if you look at the show, you will see we have shoe coverings – you can purchase these coverings and put them over any shoe. These have our collection’s print on them, so they’re new.


I noticed one of your shoe coverings had 3D butterfly’s on them... is that the plastic bottles too?


Oh I think that one is embroidery then we added some plastic after yes. But those would be for the show only, and the printed shoe covers are for commercial.


I see. And finally, what do you hope people see or feel when they wear your fall winter 2016 collection?


I would like my customers to have confidence. Don’t worry about too much, be independent. Make a statement. I would like to clothes to bring out their own unique style, and feel that you won’t find this just anywhere.


Loom Loop Fall Winter 2016. Source: FashionManiac.




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Courtesy of Butter Boom, Fashion Maniac and Loom Loop.



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