Debut of Lanvin’s New Chief

The fashion world had a musical chairs last year. The leaving of Alber Elbaz from Lanvin after 14 years of tenure was most striking among these switches. How will Lanvin move on without Alber Elbaz? We believe only the new official chief Bouchra Jarrar knows.


Although September's Fashion Week is yet to come, Bouchra Jarrar’s first 2017 early spring collection after taking over Lanvin has been exposed and is subject to public attention. As the first collection, Bouchra Jarrar chooses a safe direction obviously, taking design inspiration from the brand founder Jeanne Lanvin’s minimalism style to create the day and night image of new women and emphasize on comfort and classics. There are a lot of suit design and sober colors, completely breaking the previous Lanvin’s shiny luxury image. Through a soft drape, it exhibits the unique strength and softness of strong women. To be honest, if you are a diehard fan of the past Lanvin, Bouchra Jarrar's design this time will not be your cup of tea. The dull cutting is entirely different from the public image of Lanvin, but from the wearable and practical point of view, Bouchra Jarrar delivered a more than adequate result this time. After all, selling pressure is the most critical issue for every brand. Working in Balenciaga for many years and having an extensive experience in haute couture, how will Bouchra Jarrar regenerate Lanvin from the shadow of Alber Elbaz? It will be the biggest tasks and challenges in her tenure.


Source: Lanvin


Lanvin’s new chief Bouchra Jarrar’s first 2017 early spring collection starts with minimalism style, very wearable.


Source: Lanvin


As the first debut collection, Bouchra Jarrar is inspired by the brand founder Jeanne Lanvin’s minimalism style.


Source: Lanvin


Giving up flashing and luxurious details, Bouchra Jarrar gets people’s heart by simple and soft design.


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