3 Stylish, Chic & Pretty Ways to Wear Sling Dress

Trend of sexy sling dress is often the focus of the summer. It is also the most worth-purchased item in this year because this trend will even spread to the fall and winter. How could you miss such a worthwhile and popular item that can be worn in four seasons?


Lazy one-piece outfit

In nearly more than 30 degree every day, cool sling dress is undoubtedly a good summer outfit. But remember to pay attention to the focus of the trend, the sling dress and camisole in this season are designed to be wide cut and the minimalism. The benefit of wide-cut design is to create more layers and be not too feminine. There are a lot of wrinkles and layering details in this season design. It is a good choice for the lazy group.


Sling Layering

Sling dress is very difficult to create a sense of layering, but it will be a test to the mix and match skill of girls in this season! Mixing a short tee or long-sleeved shirt with camisole or sling dress becomes the trend of this season and the upcoming fall and winter. Mixing the slings with others will cover body shortcomings easily and appear slender. The safest way is using sober tones as the bottom of the outfit. If you want to stand out a bit, trying mix of some color or pattern combinations may have an unexpected effect.


Lace efficacy

Underwear trend continues without fading, but some more conservative women may be shy to wear the underwear style-designed top. If you encounter the same issue, you may try the lace-style sling dress. Other than mixing with short tee or long-sleeved shirt as mentioned before, lace sling design can be used as the inside layer as well. Such effect of creating the layering can show even more the personal styling skill.


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Busy filming the new movie, Dakota Johnson also loves sling dress with layering design.


OSTEL black sling dress decorated with lotus leaf-shaped edge

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Minimal and layering designed sling dress is a good choice for lazy people.


CHLOE SUNG white sling dress

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Want full of summer feel? White is definitely the first choice, and all-white dress offers more significant effect!


OPLUS 2 white sling dress decorated with lotus leaf-shaped ornament

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Lotus leaf-shaped edge design, suitable for girls who love romantic style.


AMENPAPA black sling dress

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Black diehard fans need not to worry. There are lots of choices with rich details for all-black dresses.


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Mixing slings with short tee is the most popular outfit in this season. Supermodel Kendall Jenner has demonstrated for your reference.


SUGAR DA PILL white and pink marble-patterned shirt

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Long-sleeved shirt and sling clothing are the best styling partners in this autumn.


NUDITE wide white pants

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Sling top matching wide hanging pants is also a good fashion choice.


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Wanna low-key? Learn how Bella Hadid uses lace camisole as the inner clothes to show the personal taste and styling skill.


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